An unsolicited idea – Swamp People

I love History Channel’s Swamp People. Considering it has garnered top cable ratings this season, it appears that many people share my sentiment. Which is why I find it hard to believe that more brands haven’t found ways to place products in the show.

Specifically, it seems that Ford or Chevy would be an obvious and natural fit for the program. Several of the crews tow their boats in and out of the swamp on every episode which means there is footage of trucks doing the type of work that both these companies claim their trucks do best.

From what I remember, Junior and Willie drive Chevys and Trapper Joe drives an old school Ford F-150. If I was working on Ford’s ad/PR team, you can bet your ass I’d be trying to swap Joe his truck for a new one. I’d then do some type of promotional tour with Joe and his old truck around the country to meet and greet fans and raise money for some swamp-related cause. Likewise, I’d get Junior and/or Willie into a new truck since they’ll likely be around as long as the show is on air. Those two are just too compelling not to bring back season after season.

Where are you ad people? This is low-hanging fruit. And waaaay cooler than Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Junior and Willie on the hunt. If I advertised trucks, I’d make damn sure these guys drove my brand.