Shouldn’t a beer or spirits marketer save the bar car?

Assuming that the information in the article is accurate, the New York City bar car may soon go the way of the caboose. And that makes this drinker’s little heart sad, sad, sad.

Thus, one could reasonably deduce that an opportunity for some brave marketing boss to play hero to a lot of commuters exists. Surely there’s an adventurous soul or two somewhere in America brave enough to build a bar car worthy of NYC. And unlike many programs, he or she could measure the exact value of the program since his/her brand(s) would have exclusive rights to sell beverages on said bar car. Hell, with all the train-related imagery that Coors uses, I can’t believe they haven’t already designed a Silver Bullet bar car and approached MTA and the public. It would be a marketing coup.

Think I’m nuts? Apple saw value ($4 million worth) in transit marketing when it partnered with Chicago Transit Authority to renovate a Red Line station. And let’s face it, that company knows a thing or two about selling its products and inspiring brand allegiance. That story, and accompanying photos, can be found here.

Make mine a double, Jim. The wife and kids are out of town for the week.