A conscious uncoupling. With Facebook.

My time with Facebook has finally come to an end. I’d like to say it was a nice experience, but I’d be lying. I had half-heartedly entertained the notion of doing so prior to this morning, but never bothered with any real plan of action. But I finally had enough. So I quit. I suppose is some ways, the decision to flee came suddenly.

I’m tired of feeling unfocused and unproductive. I need to work on redeveloping my attention span and interpersonal communication skills. It was time for a change. I won’t miss it.

I’m hopeful that the time I won’t be wasting on social media will be better spent on my job–helping students, reading new scholarship, and writing. I also hope to chronicle a bit more here since I don’t have to worry about word counts or receiving responses full of poor grammar and spelling from people I’ve offended by articulating the obvious.

Thanks for your concern. I’m okay. Really.


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